Free software for Shima Seiki flat knitting machines, based on models SEC202FF and SES234FF

- FreeShima 0.05 -

FreeShima is a design pattern software, to work with Shima Seiki Flat Knitting Machines, specially the models SEC202FF and SES234FF more info here

- SFManager 0.3 -

SFManager can read de DD floppy disks used by Shima Seiki Machines. SFManager can read/write files with the format recognized by Shima Seiki Machines. More info here

September 2, 2005
SFManager version 0.3 is out, please visit SFManager section is this page for info and download. To activate the write function, send me an email with reg code given by SFManager and I will send you the activation code. The price of activation code is a donation using PayPal system (click make donation button), or some information about Shima, you think maybe is useful. Contact me by email and make your offer.


August 6, 2005

The write function for SFManager is already done (working), with some minor bugs, now due the big research for the release of SFManager, Iím thinking if the write function will be free or not, are you able to donate some $ to this project, or contribute with some information about shima? Leave your feedback in guestbook or email.


July 21, 2005 - SFManager is finally out, please refer to this page to download and instructions on how it Works. Please give me some feedback about SFManager
April 17, 2005 -
Why SFManager download take so long to become available? SFManager needs a special floppy device driver (not made for me) to work, so I'm waiting for the stable release of this driver.

March 31, 2005 -
Added instructions for working with FreeShima, see here, and added knitting program to SES234FF (see downloads). Send comments to my


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